Connection Error to Ethereum node

Another hack to get your private key:

  • Clone the eth-lightwallet repo
  • npm install from the project root
  • edit example/webwallet.html and point it at a valid geth node
  • open webwallet.html in Chrome/Chrome Dev tools
  • put a breakpoint in the function newAddresses after the
    global_keystore.getAddresses() line
  • enter your seed and restore wallet using password (breakpoint should
    be hit)
  • type global_keystore.exportPrivateKey(addresses[0],pwDerivedKey) in the console and hit enter

Am not sure about the above hacks but am getting the same message when trying to withdraw 2 days now.

We just committed a bigger update - hopefully everything should work now.

When you open the page you will be asked to type in the password - this will update the stored key to a new wallet format - you then can as well load it down.

Lets us know if there are any problems.